Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Than 25 Things

So, I don't know if you've noticed this, but Facebook is COVERED with this chain-letter-type-"Notes"-challenge. In case you have missed it here is the scoop: friend 1 writes out a list of 25 random things about his or herself and tags 25 of their friends in the note. Then friends 2-26 are encouraged to repeat the process, and of course, you must tag the person who tagged you. Although I seldom engage in these sorts of things, I decided to jump on the ban wagon and participate. So I came up with my 25 facts late on Sunday night/Monday morning but since then I have thought of some other facts that should have made the first list, so here the are:

1. I want to learn how to play the cello. I came this close to buying one at a pawn shop a couple of summers ago as motivation but decided I would wait for a better time.

2. I think it would be cool to one day own a classic car. Either some 1950's car or like Model-T type will do.

3. When Jonny and I can't make a decision, we play rock/paper/scissors and let the game decide for us.

4. I have a GINORMOUS sweet tooth.

5. I am very interested in "birth order" type analysis.

6. I collect Postcards. Anytime a friend of mine is going on a trip I ask them to send me a postcard. It started because my Nana always sends each of us 7 grandkids postcards from her and my Papa's travels in their motor-home. One year she gave me a book with some old postcards from my Great Nanny and I just kept it up since then. I don't really like to just buy them for myself; I don't feel like that counts. Someone has to send it to me.

7. Althought I don't read it often, I really enjoy poetry. My favorite part is exploring all the different meanings and learning something different with each readthrough.

8. It sometimes scares me how similar I am to my Nana and Jonny is to my Papa. Seriously, it can be freaky. When we are at their house, Jonny and Papa often end up sitting the same! I don't know how that happened, but if we are lucky enough to share 51 years of marriage like they have, then I think it will be just fine.

9. When I clean, I like to make stacks. It helps me organize and prioritize. Sometimes making the stacks is as far as get though.

10. I recently started a vinyl record collection.

11. I enjoy candles but I rarely burn them or buy them and I am not sure why.

12. I realize I have developed a deep sense of loyalty to Spiderman. Thanks Jonny!

13. I like to collect witty and random T-shirts. Most of mine come from threadless.

14. I REALLY, REALLY enjoy looking at family photos and hearing family stories. I always want to learn more about who the people in family are as indivdiuals and not just who they are in thier familial role. I feel the photos and the stories help convey their personality to me.

15. I think its funny to watch Tucker and Reilly dream :)

I would love to hear some of your random facts too so consider yourself tagged once you are done reading this post! :)

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