Friday, February 5, 2010

Call me a bluestocking....

... or a nerd, or an egghead if you must, but I have to admit: I LOVE WORDS. Shocking news, I'm sure, being the verbal person that I am. I am very much a lover of English, books and grammar (spelling not so much :) People who, oh-so-effortlessly, work in word origins into casual conversation or act as a walking thesaurus continually amaze me while simultaneously evoking a slight sense of jealous within me; because, while I like all these things, I'm just not the master of words that I wish I was. I'm not sure where this infatuation began... I am sure part of it could be traced back to my Nana. We are the grammar freaks of the family and we share an eerily similar affinity for books and conversation (just ask Jonny).

That being said, I stumbled upon a my new favorite talk-radio show : A Way With Words. Boy, does the word nerd in me have a field day with this one! I found it a few weeks back, when I went to pick up the Hill boys from school and I was listening to 90.1, the local public radio station. It was around 1:45pm and the voices on the radio began discussing the meaning of some common idiom and I was hooked! Needless to say, I was uber sad when the show came to an end a short fifteen minutes later. But today as I was leaving my lunch date with Jonny I was reunited with my word friends Martha and Grant, the hosts of the show. I was on my way to the grocery store and parked my car around 1:30pm and I didn't get out of my car until 2:00pm when the show ended.

So, if you happen to share my fondness for words, I encourage you the check out the website linked above. They have a list of past episodes that you can listen to and get your nerd, I mean word fix for the day :)

* and just in case you were wondering, here is the definition of a bluestocking from : "a woman with considerable scholarly, literary, or intellectual ability or interest." Enjoy :)


Candace Chaney said...

I love you, ya bluestocking. :)

Crazy picture!

Jennifer said...

The boys loved the pic too! Cute new look as well!