Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Little Slice of the Good Life

Sometimes something small can make your day.

Not too long ago, I made a half-conscious comment to Amber. "If I was loaded, you know what I'd get? A billion wooden coat hangers, that's what. No more of this thin metal junk."

Well, as it turns out, one doesn't have to be loaded to have all wooden coat hangers thanks to everyone's favorite billionaire, Mr. Ikea. 10 hangers = $3. And since Amber lives only a stone's throw away from the Frisco Ikea, she hooked me up. My closet is awesome now. Thanks Wam!


Amber said...

I'm glad you like them :) You're the best and deserve much much more! Love you too!

Hill Family said...

Who knew! I'm the same way. Guess I'm headed to the insane Ikea store. However, my closet is much bigger!!

Anonymous said...

One year for Will'a birthday I organized his closet. The coat hangers were his favorite too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I was gonna say that Karen did that for me. I guess she beat me to the punch. I agree it is a great thing. You're too sweet Amber!