Monday, March 3, 2008

Blog........sounds like a Dr. Seuss word.

Well, in typical Dent family fashion, something has started with the older siblings and after a few years has now trickled down to yours truly. I don't have any hilarious childhood antics or cute pictures to share, just an old dog. So while my sisters bring you the beautiful, profound, and precious in life, I'll endeavor to give you the strange, the obscure, and the mildly amusing.

So I'll start with said dog. Tucker had a hematoma on his right ear. (You may recall he had one on the left ear about 4-5 years ago.) So I took him to another distant relative of Almer's (he seems to have a lot of those) one Dr. David Davis D.V.M. (I took all I had in me not to ask him why his mother named him David.) So, for the last two weeks Tucker's had a huge bandage on his ear that stuck out like a sore thumb. Amber and I started referring to him as our special-ed dog (no offense to your former profession Mom.) Well today we went and got the bandage taken off. Tucker didn't know how good he had it with the bandage on. It looks like a peice of meat until the hair grows back. He stills has the stitches in. I asked Dr. Davis if Tucker could conceivably scratch them out. Like a good doc, he didn't say it was impossible, just that he'd never seen it done before. I figure if any dog could do it though, old Took would be the one. But here's hoping for a speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for the Jonny Blog! Bless Tucker's heart. Tell him I said hello.

Hill Family said...

We are so glad for the blog!!!! We can keep up with you now! Hurray!!!!!!!

the Chaneys said...

I love it! Can't wait to hear about the world through the eyes of my favorite brother! :)