Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Heart Spring!!

It's no secret that the Dents love them some fall: relief from the southern blistering temps and of course, college football's long-waited arrival are a few things we long for every fall. As awesome as these wonderful things are, I have to admit that spring is a very, very close second for this Dent. Yes, with spring comes yucky sinus problems, but come on! Bluebirds and robins. Sweet families playing in the front yard together. End-of-the-day bike rides on your favorite neighborhood trail...

Pretty pink and blue sunsets...

And the smell of fresh honeysuckles and the memory that smell evokes of afternoon drives home from school with my dad, with the window down and stopping on the side of the road to pick those sweet flowers to my hearts delight. What's not to love? Hope you are able to soak up some of the beauty of this spring!

Spring is the Period
Express from God.
Among the other seasons
Himself abide,

But during March and April
None stir abroad
Without a cordial interview
With God.

"Spring is the Period" by Emily Dickinson

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Jennifer said...

This Dent kid HATES fall--everything, and I mean everything dies. However, We sooooooo need to do an extended family bike ride through Allen! Let's plan it!

And, btw, Nana is in town starting tonight. Wanna come over some night for dinner?