Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Sewing We Will Go

Self Discovery #1492 : I like sewing.... A Lot! I've dibbled here and there, but when I got my Kindle for graduation, I looked on Etsy and saw some really cute covers and thought I can so do that. So I tried. Since then I've have very much enjoyed my creative expression (read: sewing binge).

Since I made myself like 4 different cases, I figured my Kindle had a large enough wardrobe but Jonny's... well his Kindle needed some clothes. So he got a case.

Then, I found some cute fabric to help our living room feel more cozy. I made two valances and a matching pillow, complete WITH a zipper. This is a pretty big accomplishment for me seeing as how its the first zipper I've ever done. Never-mind, that it killed not one but TWO of my needles on my machine. I still won that battle! I have one more pillow to make but I'm letting my last needle live a bit longer before its inevitably made to walk the plank as well.

This is my latest project: A wrist pincushion.

One month in to 2011 and I have 5 projects finished. I don't know why I have spent so much of my free time using this means of expression. Maybe it is really relaxing to come home and create something, especially on days when I have a student come share a difficult situation with me after a presentation. Regardless, I am enjoying myself. Now off to go finish my college t-shirt quilt that I started almost 3 years ago... I have a strange feeling it will actually get finished this time :)


Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! Now I am the onyl one who can't sew at all!

Jennifer said...

Very cute!!! Way to go!