Friday, December 3, 2010

Welcome to the Family

Today our little Dent family grew from three to four as we decided to adopt a one year old yellow lab.

Here's the story: Wednesday I got two calls from both my aunt and uncle, neither knowing the other had called at the time, asking if we might want a dog. Earlier that day, my uncle had gone to Cafe Brazil which was located next to Petland and decided to go in. There he found a very sweet, very large, one year old lab puppy who had been in and out of not one, not two, but THREE homes. This sounds like a red flag, but each of the previous owners knew little about labs and had either not enough space or some sort of other condition that made keeping the dog too difficult. He has all his shots and is fixed and only cost $30. They were also throwing in some free, at-home-training just to make sure he didn't have to leave yet another home. So, with peaked interest we loaded up the car with Reilly and went to meet Max. Reilly was a little skittish (and in other news the sky is blue... this dog is frequently afraid of his own shadow) and Max was bigger than I expected, so we took the night to think... as well as the next day.... and all day Friday. I decided to go visit him after work again on Thursday and slowly I began to realize I had, without knowing how, become attached to the guy. Jonny and I discussed and discussed and then discussed some more. I didn't want to take him just because we felt sorry for him. Ultimately we decided to go get him tonight after dinner. As my uncle said, this addition to our family was probably thought out much longer and harder than some children who have entered this world, but when he and Reilly met I could tell they were instant brothers.

Here's to no buyers remorse, doggie brothers and a new lab friend!

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