Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So, we admitted our inability to plan our own honeymoon trip and went to a travel agent, and we got some options, so vote for your favorite. (Reasoning is appreciated as well.)

In no particular order:

- Several combinations of London, Edinburgh, & Dublin
- Several combinations of Venice, Florence, & Rome
- Munich, Salzburg, & Vienna
- Paris & Normandy
- Grand Tour of Germany (Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Black Forest)
- New York & DC

(From Amber:) Vote early and vote often.


Jennifer said...

That is very dificult.....This maybe a long comment.

Love London and England in general. I really think you cannot go wrong with that choice.

Second I LOVE Rome! I hated Venice, however, I didn't get a fair shake at it. I do want to go back and go in St. Mark's, but the city is very tourist trap like to me. We did like FLorence.

Salzburg....my life long dream to skip through the same vine tunnel singing Do, a deer. It was just as good as imagined. Wish I would have had more time there.

Paris....I need to go back with Stephen...been two other times without him and it just wouldn't be the same I think.

I'm not that into Germany, but I could see Jonny loving it with all the history and all.

Who doesn't love NYC!!! Go to a show every night and eat till you are stuffed. Good times. I'm not so into DC, but again I'm sure Jonny would eat it up!

I doubt that helped, but it's my two cents anyway!

Anonymous said...

I thought Germany was great. But then again that is the only trip I went on. Austria was nice but expensive because it is popular. I loved Prague and it was a really cheap city. I highly reccomend that you stop in Prague if you are anywhere near.